Thursday, July 31, 2008

Toronto King of the Concrete coverage

Here ae some photos and videos of what went down at the first Toronto King of the Concrete Contest sponsored by Monke Skatboards.

Here are some videos

360 flip the pyramid

FS Bigspin the pyramid

Kickflip nosemanual, nollie varial heelflip out

Here are some photos of Monke rider, Mike Crook and others from the Contest

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monke Rider, Mike Crook holds a WORLD RECORD

Mike Crook, Monke rider, now holds the world record for most consecutive Switch Frontside Bigspins. 17 in 47 seconds! Check the video here

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ben Chibber at Wakestock

Ben Chibber was at Wakestock 2008. Wakestock is located at Toronto Islands Ontario Canada, July 24-27 2008. It's the World's Largest Wakeboarding Event and Canada's Largest Action Sports Festival.
Click the link to see some videos of GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and RZA



Courtice Skatepark in Clarington, Ontario

Words by Ben Chibber
I went to a skatepark opening in Courtice Skatepark in Clarington, Ontario which is a 45 min drive from Toronto. The park is dedicated to a fellow skateboarder that was killed in a motor vehicle accident. It's a street park with a 5 foot to 6 foot bowl.
We attended the skate park opening on Thursday, July 24 with Alcatraz and Scotties riders in the park shredding all day.
This skate park is in the home town of Monke rider Jordan Bandula and friends.
Go check it out if you are around that area.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Milo Monké Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are photos of Milo Monké in Edmonton, Alberta at the King of the Castle 2 Contest.

Milo loves HUGS!

Milo with some Monké fans.

Milo loves Ben Loates.

Milo rockin' out

Milo at King of the Castle 2

Milo likes to rub haggard beards!

Lil' Owen protecting Milo

More Hugs!

Swerve skate shop owner Roger chillin' with Milo

Milo loves the new Monké graphics, he just had to get that board!

The WINNER OF KING OF THE CASTLE 2..................
TIMMY OBERG!!!!!!!!! Is that a Monké sticker I see on the side of his crown?

Milo chilling at Swerve

Here is a short video of some of the skating that went down at the King of the Castle 2 contest, and Milo witnessed it all!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Edmonton's King of the Castle 2

June 19 & 20 was the biggest weekend in Edmonton's skate contest history, and Monké Skateboards was so glad they got to be apart of it. One of the best parts of the contest was that Milo the Monké was there cheering on the crowd and handing out stickers and posters. He also had some fun posing for pictures with fans and dancing to the music.
BELOW: Milo Highfiving some MONKË fans!Photobucket
MANY MORE PHOTOS TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the results!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steve Strang BS Nose blunt in S.F.

Here is a photo of Steve Strang doing a Backside Nose bluntslide at Pier 7 in San Francisco. This was taken when Steve and Ben Chibber went down to Cali for a week. More photos should be coming soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well known L.A. Dancer wearing MONKË Shirt

This is a video of Jeff Viray from team millenia wearing his monke shirt!
He is a well know dancer from L.A.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monké Skateboards Demo

There will be a Monké Skateboards Demo in Ontario at Tracy Park July 21 from 2pm-6pm. There will also be a skate clinic with the team of Monké Skateboards to help you learn some new tricks! Appearing will be the owner and team rider of Monké, Ben Chibber and other team riders Jordan Bandula and Mike Crook. There will also be a Guest Skater!

Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

King of the Castle Skate Contest in Edmonton

If your in the Edmonton, Alberta area remember to stop by the Castledowns skatepark for the King of the Castle Contest, and meet everyones favorite Monkey, Milo Monke. Milo will be handing out stickers and posters so be sure to come see everyone and see some sick skating go down. All the information is here


SPONSORS : CIRCA Footwear , Lief Longboards , Know Class Skateboards , Famous Skateboards , Olive Skateboards , Element Skateboards, Momentum Wheels , Toy Machine Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Kitsch Skateboards , Monke Skateboards (Milo is coming!) , Spy Optics, Split Clothing , Vox Shoes , Capix Helmets, Ambiguous Clothing , Ultimate Distribution , , Concrete Wave Magazine, Vault Distribution , Centre Disrtibution ( Fallen Footwear, Mystery Skateboards, Zero Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards) , Timebomb Distribution ( Es Footwear, EtniesFootwear, Emerica Footwear, Altamont Clothing) , S&J Sales (Krooked Skateboards , Thunder Truck Company, Spitfire Wheels) , Pearly Wheels , TRUESOLDIERS LTD. , Vestal Watches.

Look at the line-up of these sponsors and the pay outs for the winners! I'm sure no one is going to leave this contest empty handed.
See you there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Toronto's King of the Concrete Contest

Monke is presenting another contest! This time the King of the Concrete Contest series is expanding to Toronto. You can join the facebook event group here


"Toronto's King of the Concrete Skateboard Contest brought to you by Monke Skateboards and ES Footwear. Also sponsoring the event Kitsch Skateboards, Royal Trucks, Destructo Trucks, Momentum Wheels, Control Skateboards, The Rail Skateboard Park, Flood, Shred Central. On Wednesday July 30 at Scadding Court Skatepark in Toronto the King of the Concrete Skateboard Contest will go down!!! The King of the Concrete Contest has always been in the Vancouver region but this year it's expanding to Toronto.
Monke Skateboards and the other sponsors are very pleased to bring you the King of the Concrete Contest in Toronto"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Matt Meztner on the flyer for Victoria Skate Contest

MONKË Skateboards is sponsoring yet another contest this summer! This one is in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Check out Matt Meztner , Monke team rider, doing a Backside Heelflip over the trash can on the flyer.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


New site is up and running! And it now has a direct link to the blog!

Pool Session with B. Chibber and T. Ferguson

Some photos of a pool session down is Vancouver with Ben Chibber and Tony Ferguson, ex-pro skater for Girl Skateboards and now the CEO for Alife Shoes. Here is Tony's video part from Girl Skateboards video 'GOLDFISH' (1994)

Tony Ferguson - Frontside Ollie

Ben Chibber - Frontside 5-0