Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monke Tour UPDATE 6

Story: Ben Chibber

Photos: Andrew Koronovich

June 11, 2009

We woke up early, got ready and jumped into the Van. Whereis Dan Pageau? We drove to the store and then back to the Hotel and then down the road and there was Dan skating up the hill. He jumped into the Van and we were on our way 220km to Saskatoon. We arrived in Saskatoon went to the park to meet up with Team B (the other car with Mike, Taylor and Kenny). Dan went missing again so we went to McDonald’s for some food and came back to get Dan and headed to Saskatoon’s best street spot called River Landing which is on the water front.

The spot has everything you need to skate, a big 3 block, manny pad’s, a big ledge, little ledges and a two block with a rail to gap over. Good vibes with the locals as we skated til a police officer kicked us out. But as we were getting kicked out the weather took a turn and the session was over. We went back to Kenny’s chilled and crashed out.

June 12, 2009

That afternoon we went back to River Landing for another session. We skated till 4 pm and then went to Victoria Skate Park for our appearance at the park.

Photobucket(photo: Dan Pageau: Switch Hard Flip Late Backside 180)

Photobucket(photo: Matt Metzner: Cab Heelflip)

Photobucket(photo: Taylor Senft: Nollie 360 heelflip)

We ended up driving up the grass and attempted to drive over this metal pole and punctured the oil pan. There was oil all over the place. I was freaking out and was thinking we weren’t going to make our next destination. I quickly called BCAA and got a tow truck to take me to the nearest garage. Thankfully the tow truck came quickly. We got the Van to the garage just before they were going close. This took 3 hours and then I was back at the park with the Van on the road. We packed up and were on the road again, North Battleford here we come!

Ride The Coors Light Party Bus!

The message for the King of the Concrete Contest isn't Clear.
King of the Concrete Skateboard Contest
Where: Maple Ridge, BC Skatepark- 23000-116th Ave.
When: Tomorrow, Thursday, June 25th
Time: 2 - 7:30 pm - Advanced starts: 5:30pm
Need a Ride out to the Park?
Coors Light Bus
Pick up: Push Skateshop - Bonsor Skatepark - 6766 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, BC
Leaving: 1 PM
Bonus: Free Beer
Only 50 seats available must be 19 or over
Call for reservations: (604) 434-7874
or just show up!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monke Tour UPDATE 5

Story By Ben Chibber and Jordan Bandula

Photos By Andrew Koronovich

June 10th, 2009

After driving 224km we arrived in Swift Current later that night around 10 pm. We checked in to the Safari Hotel where our rooms were called hippopotamous, gemsbok deer and zebra room.

We were in a small little town of 16,000 people called Swift Current, Saskatchewan. It’s a great town with a nice little skatepark. We had a nice BBQ with hotdogs, burgers and drinks.

(Park over view)

The whole crew got around 80 clips all together. I feel that was one of our best demos yet. We also taught the kids how to do some tricks like kickflips, heelflips and hardflips.
It’s really cool that our events was advertised in the local papers and radio stations. I feel like we have left a positive impact on a lot of kids lives so far and that’s a great feeling. Over all it was a great day at Swift Current.

Photo Jordan Bandula: Kickflip

Photo: Mike Crook: Hard flip 5-0 drop down to manual

Photo: Matt Metzner: Ching Ching Grind to Switch f/big spinout

Photo: Taylor Senft: 360 flip

Photo: Team Signing Autographs

We slept one more night and left in the morning for Saskatoon.

Would like to thank the City of Swift Current, Safari Hotel and all the other sponsors.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monke flow rider Dustin Wright

Here is some footage of Monke flow rider Dustin Wright from 2 years back that was originally for his part in the Wurm Clothing video.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cool animation of the Monke Tour poster

Animation by Rylan Grayston sound by Nathan Grayston proud sponsors of B3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monke Tour UPDATE 4

June 7,2009

We ended up leaving Yorkton that night and drove 2 hrs back to Regina to sleep at the worst hotel ever. It was a nightmare of a spot that resembles a dirty trailerpark with no heat, all around disgusting joint.

That day we went to the indoor skate park to rip around and capture some skateboarding. We end up skateboarding after hours till around 10 pm. Good session, good times.

We then went back to Hynx’s spot to eat and chill for the night.

June 8, 2009

The day of our event and yup it’s raining. The demo and contest wasn’t supposed to start till 4 so there was a small chance that the park might dry up. We all went to lunch at a new organic, vegetarian, wholefoods restaurant called BEET ROOT, the only one of it’s kind in Regina. We had a delicious vegetarian meal and the boys learned some important facts about the benefits of eating veggie. We then went to the out door park and it was dry! I set up the P.A. system and started to skate for a bit. There was a big black cloud hovering above us for the last 30 min. and then suddenly it started to rain. We quickly packed up and went to the indoor park.

We put on the contest and then the demo and everything ran smoothly. We were lucky to have access to the indoor park thanks to Noel from Tiki Room. Also, want to thank Andrew from 306 for his hospitality and support.

Contest Results:

(Photo Winner 15 and under)

15 and under: 1st – Left to Right Stephen Betts, 3rd Jeffrey, 2nd Jordan

(Photo Winner 16 and over)

16 and up: 1st Mike Campbell, 2nd Brock Anderson, and 3rd Charlie Guenther

The day ended with a rainstorm but we all had a great time at the indoor.

June 9th, 2009

We are off to Swift Current on a 2½-hour drive.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yorkton video

This is a video of Taylor Senft & Mike Crook with Jordan Bandula in Yorkston, SK.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monke Tour UPDATE 3

June 6, 2009
We woke up around 8:30 am and got ready for our big day. We got to the event at 10:30 and settled in at the Gallagher center in Yorkton, which is the furthest eastern town in Saskatchewan.

(Photo yorkton gallgher centre sign)

We started the skateboard clinic at 11:00 and it went till1. After Mike Crook, Matt Metzner, Jordan Bandula, Taylor Senft, Dan Pageau and I skated the street course that the B3 crew made for the event.
unofficial video by Ryen Bresky -  Photobucket
(Photo: Mike Crook: B/sideflip s/w manual f/side 180 out)

(Photo: Taylor Senft: K/grind pop out)

(Photo: Jordan Bandula: Cab kick flip)

(Photo: Dan Pageau: Blunt Kick flip)

Later on in the day we did a local skateboard contest for the kids, we had 50 competitors and 250 plus spectators. It was a great turnout for the community of Yorkton. All around the day was a success. Everyone was excited to be involved in the event and was having lots of fun.

After the event was over we went to the burnt down ghetto spot and got a couple of photos and some footage. We then went to the infamous B3 Skateboard shop to skate the vert ramp and chill with the homies.

(Photo: Group: Dan, Taylor, Mike, Matt, Tucker, TC, Jordan, Ben)
We had a great day and lot’s of good memories.
Thanks to B3 and the City of Yorkton!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monke Tour UPDATE 2

June 5, 2009

We left Lethbridge @ midnight for an all night drive and because of the great efforts of Andrew we arrived on time @ 9:30am where Mike and Jordan arrived from Toronto. We also met up with Taylor our Regina rep and went for some well deserved breakfast. After breakfast we meet up with our filmer Kenny from Saskatoon. We then drove the van and Kenny’s car 2 hrs north-east to our main destination, Yorkton, Sk.

(photo Jordan Bandula, Taylor Senft, Dan Pageau, Matt Metzner, Mike Crook, Ben Chibber)


We checked in at the hotel and I went to set up for the event while the boys hit the streets for some skating.

( Photo: Jordan Bandula : Back Tail Slide)


Friday, June 5, 2009


Story by Ben Chibber

Dan Pageau, Matt Metzner, Andrew Koronovich (Photographer)and I left Vancouver, Wednesday morning 12:22 am to drive east to Lethbridge,Alberta. I drove all night and arrived in Osoyoos, BC at 6:30 AM. That was a good 6 hr drive with no sleep for more than 24 hrs, got some food and went straight to the skate park and had a 3 hr session. We then got back on the road at 9:30 am, Matt took over the next driving shift. He drove agood 10 hrs till 7 pm. I then took over and drove the last 4 hrs. We arrived at Norm’s house, the owner of the local shop in Lethbridge called ‘Infamous’.

(Photo of the crew in front of Infamous – Dan, Ben, Matt, Norm, Roger Bruinsma)

The next day we woke up at 10 am to Dan skating the backyard mini ramp. We copped a couple of clips and footage.

( photo of Dan’s f/side air)

After the session we got the crew together to drive 30 minsto Taber, Alberta to skate a brand new skatepark made by New Line. It was agreat sunny day chill’n and skating with the boys.

(Photo Matt – Backside Heelflip)

We now are off to Regina to drive all night to pick up Mike Crook and Jordan Bandula our eastern Canadian brothers. It’s a good 6 hr drive and we have to meet them at 9:30 am. We are on the road again! Regina here we come.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Tour Dates Confirmed

The Tour Dates for the Saskat to Back Tour that were subject to change have now been confirmed. The full tour dates are as follows:
Tour Stops
June 4th : Lethbridge, AB – Town of Taber Sk8 park @ 4-6 Shop: Infamous : 403.380.4300
* Steve Strang, Matt Metzner and Ben Chibber Only
June 6th : Yorkton, Sk – Curling Rink/Gallager Center @ 11-7 - Shop: B3 : 306.782 3629
June 8th – Regina, Sk – Regina Skate Plaza @ 4-8 – Shop: 306: 306.352.9673
June 10th – Swift Current- Swift Current Sk8 park @ 4 – 8:30 – City- 306.778.2787
These Dates are subject to change:
June- 12th – Saskatoon, Sk- Skatepark – Shop: Undergrind: 306 956.0633
June 14th – Red Deer,AB - Outdoor Sk8 park @ 2 pm : Shop : Vertical Edge: (403) 340-0000
June- 15th – Edmonton, AB – Castledowns- 11430-153 Ave @ 4 pm : Shops: Chikko : 780 475 3300 / Swerve : 780 413 6922
June 17th- Grande Prairie, AB – Wembley Sk8 park- Shop: Dark Flavour: 780.513.5907
June 19th- Dawson Creek, BC – Skatepark- 1113,106th Ave- Shop: Shoved: 250.782.4425

Hope to see you out there!